Auburn Engagement Session | Kaeli + Brendan

Kaeli and Brendan’s engagement pictures are here! We met up in Auburn last weekend and ran around the city until there was no light left. Even then we managed to get a few pictures in the dark, and even had a few deer hang out with us. Here are just a few favorites- the rest will be online soon!

Thanks for being so awesome! So, so excited to see you guys next year!

  • Jennifer Davenport said:

    I love these! They are great!

  • Nancy Ann Wirth Hogan said:

    Me too!

  • Ruth Goldman Lucas said:

    wonderful pictures of two wonderful people. Very excited for all of you!

  • Arti Nigam said:

    Kaeli, you are more and more beautiful each year! Love the pictures.

  • Julia Kramer Bass said:

    What wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing your joy with us! CONGRATS

  • Debbie Tomlin said:

    Brendan & Kaeli,
    So pleased to see these beautiful photos.

  • Abby Brar said:

    Too freakin cute. lovin the pics, love u guys

  • Maggie Wirth said:

    Great pictures. Made me tear up with joy. So happy for both of them. Just rememebering him being so little and how he hated the car seat....