Love Letters

rave_emma“O Lyndsay, huge, huge wow’s!!!!!!!  We are beyond thrilled with what we have seen of your photos so far and cannot thank you enough for so beautifully capturing a most special moment in the life of our family!!  You have such an amazing gift- an incredibly artistic eye AND a huge heart for capturing the precious fleeting, intimate, meaningful moments!  Seeing your photos on the video and on your blog make the memories of joy flood back in, but it also fills in gaps of things I had not even known were happening!!!  I have no idea how you were in so many places with such perfect timing to capture those special snippets, but somehow you were, and I will forever be grateful for that gift!!  We can’t wait to see more, but just wanted to tell you ASAP how truly thrilled we are with what you have captured and shared!! With huge thanks,” Robin

“Thank you SO much Lyndsay!!! My family is absolutely thrilled/floored with how amazing the pictures turned out.  We can’t stop looking at them!  They are so stunning.  Just breathtaking.  My mom mentioned how she’s not as sad that we weren’t able to get a videographer because the pictures you took captured our wedding so well!  Thank you so so so much for being our photographer! Thanks and talk to you soon!” Allie and Jes

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for Saturday. We thought it was such a perfect day & we are super glad you were there for us. These pictures are beautiful! ! I love all these pictures. So gorgeous. Thank you so much.” Katie


“We are off on our honeymoon, but I wanted to say that it was an absolute pleasure working with you at the wedding. When things got stressful or behind you were calm as could be, and you were always making eye contact with me to check in on photo groupings at every step.” Alison

“Thank you so much for sending over the photos so quickly – I love all of them!  you did a fantastic job. Thank you!!” Annika

“Hi Lyndsay– These are so wonderful!  It really captures the delight of the day–beautiful work, thank you! I can’t stop looking at these pictures!”  Chloe

“Thank you Lyndsay!! We are so incredibly happy with the photos and are so grateful to have had you as a part of our big day!” Lauren

“Hi Lyndsay! We are looking over all the wedding photos now and just wanted to say they are fantastic ! There are so many beautiful shots and we really appreciate your attention to detail in capturing all the emotions of the day. The photos could not have turned out any better and we are so appreciative. Without a doubt we will recommend you to any friends and family who have special occasions coming up, and hope to work with you again in the future. Hope all is well with you!” Warmly, Lisa and Eric

“A word of thanks for sharing your natural talent with us on our wedding day. Words cannot express how forever grateful we are for your beautiful art. These photos are incredible. We love to look through them and are reminded of the most perfect day in our lives. Thank you! We hope you continue to share your photography with the world. Your talent and skill are unlike any other person. We will continue to recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you sincerely” Bahare and Brian

rave_amy“Chad and I just got internet access here in Moorea and what amazing timing. WOW!!!!!!! We are literally sitting here in awe over the drop dead gorgeous photos. We knew you were an extremely talented artist, but you have far exceeded our expectations in every way with just this sneak peek on your blog. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing the best day of our lives in such a uniquely artistic and candid way. Your style is unmatched and we feel so incredibly lucky to have had you be a part of our wedding. Definitely one of the best decisions we made! We truly could not be happier. Thank you again and we can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!!” Amy

“I can’t say enough about how amazing our wedding photos look. Exposure, post processing, everything is spot on in every picture. Thanks again for your hard work and incredible talent, I can’t stop looking at the photos.” Bryan

“Wow thank you – they turned out so beautiful… You made everyone look their absolute best, and really captured the joy of our day! Thank you!!! Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures too!” Winnie

“OMG!!! I cannot believe how amazing these photos are. It’s hard to believe that there are moire!!!! You are such a talented artist. Thank you so much for capturing all of our special moments. It was such a pleasure working with you. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday!” Nina

“I wanted to say, first of all, now that we are back from our honeymoon, how much we appreciated your fabulous work at our wedding. We have gotten so many compliments from our family members on how sweet you were and how great it was to have you around capturing our day. That was before we even saw the photos! Now that we have seen them, we are really just in love with the whole collection. They are truly, truly amazing. Thank you SO much for being an important part of our day, for capturing and being a part of our memories, and for such great shots!” Rachel

raves_jenn“We just got back from Bora Bora last night and we are so excited to see the blog post this afternoon. Thank you so much for posting them for us to see when we got back from the trip. They look so beautiful and we are so happy with them!!!” Sooyoun

“The pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for capturing so many amazing moments at our wedding. We couldn’t be happier with the pictures you have taken, truly. Thank you again for everything.” Marissa

“Thank you so much. We love all the photos and the slideshow!!! Thank you for all the photos you took!! Can’t wait to see the others. We are returning from Maui and are excited to view the rest when we get home. Thanks so much for everything. I love all the photos.” Solene

“We just wanted to tell you great job on the photos. The slideshow looks simply amazing. Nancy cried, laughed, and we both relived the whole day in a matter of minutes. From what we have seen, you did exactly what we had hoped of you. We got a ton of compliments on the photography, one person even said it was the best professional photography they have ever seen. We can’t wait to see the rest of your shots, and thank you for getting these done so quickly. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.” Cliff and Nancy

“Thanks Lyndsay! Just saw them and we LOVE them! Thank you for capturing so many beautiful moments from our wedding. We appreciate it and can’t thank you enough!!!” Blair and Michael

rave_tori“You are so amazing!!! Thank you so much for capturing the day for us. I am so excited to have these pictures! I feel like the whole day was such a blur, and there was so much that I missed – such a relief to have such awesome photos! Thank you SO much!” Caroline

“We just got back from our honeymoon and I am beyond thrilled with how our photos have turned out! They are truly beautiful and we are so happy with them! Thank you very much for taking such wonderful photos!!” Meredith

“Thank you so much for everything. Everyone has been so happy with the pictures and I have a couple more girls interested in using you in the future.” Samantha

“Colin and I both love all of the pictures and could not have asked for anything better! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job!” Shannon

“Thanks so much! We love the pictures. We’ve been forwarding the links to our families. They all love the pictures, and I know we can’t wait to get our favorite printed. Thanks so much!” Laura

“We just got back from our honeymoon yesterday and am just now getting to my emails (and to reality!). Thank you so much for sending the pictures – they are BEAUTIFUL! Since the whole night was such a blur, it’s really great to relive it through the photos. It’s also great to see some of the details — like the flowers and the cake — that we never really saw during the reception. There are so many great pictures to choose from!! An thank you for getting so many great shots of our grandparents. Overall, thank you, thank you!” Kristina

“I got so excited when your email popped into my inbox. We LOVE the photos! They capture the day so perfectly, I can’t tell you what they mean to us. Thank you so much for being there and being a part of it. We feel so lucky to have found you as a photographer. Can’t wait to see them all next week!” Kendra

“These photos are absolutely amazing! Thank you for sending over the links – Sean and I enjoyed reliving the day this afternoon :) Thanks again!” Kelly

rave_katie“Hi Lyndsay! Thank you so much for all of your hard work yesterday. We had truly an amazing day. We are on cloud nine today. You were wonderful and my family had many compliments for you. Thanks again!” Jennifer

“I love the pictures!!! You did an amazing job and we are so happy with the results! :)” Katherine and Evan

“First of all, let me tell you how THRILLED we are with the photos you took of Amy and Chad’s wedding. They are truly spectacular. You were so efficient and discreet that I hardly remember seeing you at all :) but you obviously were in all the right places at all the right times to have captured such gorgeous images of the day. Thank you.” Lisa

“We are looking over all the wedding photos now and just wanted to say they are fantastic ! There are so many beautiful shots and we really appreciate your attention to detail in capturing all the emotions of the day. The photos could not have turned out any better and we are so appreciative. Without a doubt we will recommend you to any friends and family who have special occasions coming up, and hope to work with you again in the future. Hope all is well with you!” Lisa and Eric

“Lyndsay, you are AMAZING! Thank you so much! We are absolutely obsessed with the photos from our wedding and can’t wait to see the rest. You did an incredible job and your style is just perfect! You were a joy to work with from start to finish!” Jamie

rave_anj“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work at our wedding! It was a joy to have you there and the initial pictures you have posted are breathtaking!! Thank you so so much again and I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos! Hoooray!!!!!!! It’s like reliving it all over again. I couldn’t be happier with the pictures. I am so so thrilled! Can’t wait to see them all. I love the slideshow SO much! It is beautiful!” Victoria

“These pictures are beautiful! I love all these pictures. So gorgeous. Thank you so much!” Katie

“We absolutely LOVE the photos!!!!!  It was so great working with you and the caliber of your photography is truly unmatched. Best wedding gift ever!!!!” Leah

“OMG! These are so great! WE love them! I have shared them with a ton of my friends, coworkers and family! Everyone loves them too!” Brittney

“Love it! Omg I seriously cannot wait to see all the photos – you did an incredible job capturing the magic!” Anjelika + David

“Lyndsay – These are AMAZING! I couldn’t be happier. It was the best day of my life and you captured it so beautifully!” Carly and Stefan

“Thanks so much for the photos – We LOVE them!!  Henry and I kept talking about how great to have you to be our wedding photographer!  We love your style and love how you captured the sun light, key moments and our laughs :)” Iris

“Thank you! We are on our honeymoon until Sunday but we just got the Internet and I couldn’t resist looking at the pictures… The pictures are incredible! You were wonderful on our wedding day – it was so hot and you were cool as a cucumber :). Thank you being so professional and dependable throughout this process. We are so pleased with the pictures and can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks again for being so amazing.” Kaeli

“Thank you so much for being a part of our special day! The pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much!!!” Lisa

“Omg these are awesome!!! Thanks so much Lyndsay, you did such a good job. A ton of people are asking me who our photographer was because they are all so amazing. We can’t wait to see the rest :)” Hallie

rave_amanda“All of the photos are just beautiful. I especially am grateful for the one you captured of my mom as we were getting ready. Well, there are so many, I can’t really go through all of my favorites. I just wanted you to know how absolutely grateful I am to have had someone as talented as you capture the essence of our very special day. We will cherish our memories forever and have beautiful images to remind us of just how wonderful that day was. (as our memory begins to fail….) We had so much positive feedback from our guest of how stealthy you were. “I didn’t even know she was there”. Thank you so much for all of your talented work. I couldn’t be happier.” April

“Thank you so much they are beautiful!!!  We can’t wait to see the rest.” Jenn and Andres

“Hi Lyndsay!  So Ashley and I loved all the pics you took for us!  You did an incredible job!! Thanks again!!!” Luke and Ashley

“We love the pictures so much, my mom cried through the whole slideshow. Thank you for the sneak peek! You take beautiful pictures I can’t believe that they are pictures from Joey and my wedding! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” Kristin

“I saw the pictures from Kristin’s wedding and can I just say they are amazing and you have such a beautiful gift!!! I will keep spreading the word about your photography, I love it.”

“We need to express our thanks that you’re so great to work with! A wedding this last weekend reminded us that there are photographers out there are not so thoughtful or cooperative. We greatly appreciated your easy-going style and we’d love to have you along for events much more often. So we’ll keep putting your name on lists until you tell us not to. Take care and thanks so much for making the photos available to us.” Marcia

rave_shauna“We wanted to Thank You so much for the beautiful pictures of our wedding. We feel so lucky to have found you and your talent to capture the best and happiest day of our lives.” Jared and Kris

“omg..the pictures are amazing! luv them…….we cant wait to see more!!! and i also wanted to say thank you for our wedding gift. it really means alot to us, we luv it so much and were not expecting something so wonderful!!! brandon opened it and when he started looking at it, he cried. it was a great moment, so thank you and i couldn’t have asked for a better photographer…….you are wonderful!!!!!!!” Tiffany

“Oh, I am viewing the slideshow – and I’m sharing it with EVERYONE. I love it! Someone told me that it looks like “a celebrity wedding”, which i get a kick out of. I just sent the link to my bridesmaids. Thanks again!”

“The photos are absolutely beautiful. I’ve been sharing the original slideshow link with many people and am encouraging my local friends to consider you in the future. In fact, a friend of a friend already has – it sounds like she has booked you for her wedding next year. That’s great! I’m sure there will be more – everyone raves about your work!” Sarah

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you so very much for the amazing photography. You truly are a very talented person. Jenny’s wedding photos were breathtaking and more than I could have hoped for. Thanks so very much in helping us capture these very special memories. I wish you lived here in Ottawa so you could do my wedding photos next year. Wishing you all the best that life has to offer.” Rita

“WOW!!!! I am so excited to see the rest. Beautiful… OMG, I just figured out that there was a slide show….you made me cry. I’m ecstatic. Thank you, thank you.” Paige

“The pictures are beautiful!  They are just amazing, when I saw some of the shots I was like, “how and when did she get this”?!  I’m so glad you were our photographer, not only are the pictures beautiful, but you got all the details that I’d planned for the wedding but never even saw/processed during the day!Thank you!” Shelby

rave_hallie“You did such an amazing job; Jeff and I are both so happy with the way all of the pictures turned out.  Thanks again!” Sarah

“The pictures are amazing!!  I don’t know how we’ll choose the ones to go in the albums – every picture is so beautiful!” Becky

“Oh my gosh, you do have an unbelievable talent. I have had so many people rave about your work – it’s just wonderful.  You have a real gift.” Joleen

“The pictures are amazing and I am so impressed by your work!  We are definitely going to recommend you to all of our friends! Thank you SO much for capturing the day so beautifully! Thanks for everything.” Kim

“We just saw the “part one” of our wedding pictures and we are thrilled. The photos are beautiful! You captured the joy and spirit of our day,  thank you. I can’t wait to see more!” Diva

“Holy cow Lyndsay! We are so happy. Thanks for capturing so many great moments. Thanks also for tracking down our first dance song for the slide show! Happily reliving the weekend,” Amanda and Sean

“Lyndsay, these are AMAZING!!!  I knew the pictures would be incredible, but the slide show and blog entries blew me away!  It feels like I got to experience it all over again!  Can’t wait to look at it with Gene.  I even showed the slideshow to my kindergartners today!  :) We had the most fabulous time at our wedding, and you captured not only the details but the spirit of the occasion, as well!  It was such a pleasure working with you, we couldn’t be more grateful.  Can’t wait to see the rest!” Michelle

“Colin and I both love all of the pictures and could not have asked for anything better!Again, thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job! The pictures you posted are beautiful!!!! We cannot wait to see the rest!” Shannon and Colin

“Thank you! These pictures are incredible! Thank you so much for helping us make it such a special day! We will see you at Emily and Colin’s wedding in a few weeks:)” Susie

“Lyndsay was amazing to work with and truly delivered amazing pictures! She kept us on schedule to make sure we got all the shots I wanted! She had a great attitude and did whatever we wanted! We were very happy with the final product!” Shannon

rave_alison“Lyndsay Undseth is so talented and was a joy to have as our photographer. I considered the photographer to be the most important vendor at our wedding, and she vastly exceeded our expectations. She was easy to work with and very professional. I would re-hire her instantly. The photos made cry the minute I saw them, she helped me re-live the day with her photos.”

“Lyndsay was amazing. She captured so many special moments and angles of our wedding, all while staying low-key and calm…. at certain moments I’d forget that she was there, only to find that she’d captured little bits of magic that I hadn’t even been aware of. A wonderful addition to our day and I can’t endorse her strongly enough.” Sarah

“Lyndsay was the best photographer! We couldn’t have asked for someone more professional and easy to work with. We hardly knew she was there and her pictures are stunning! My husband and I are more laid back and weren’t looking for someone who would ‘pose’ us in all of our shots. She basically let us do what we wanted and if we asked for direction, she was happy to give it, but we were completely ourselves all day long and the pictures capture that. She turned them around in RECORD time and by the time we were back from our honeymoon they were ready. Hands down, I would recommend her above anyone else.” Giovanna

“Lyndsay was amazing! Did not disappoint! Highly recommend her! She really new how to capture the moment!When we got our slideshow back, numerous people cried. I was extremely picky who we went with for our photographer, and Lyndsay was the BEST choice. In fact we want to try and find a reason to use her again! You will love her and her work guaranteed!!!!!If you’re looking for someone that can get all the right shots and beautiful pictures, she’s your photographer!!!” Kaitie

rave_kaeli“We are so happy with our wedding pictures. Lyndsay captured all of our special moments beautifully. We chose Lyndsay as our photographer because we loved her more photo-journalistic style of wedding photography. We didn’t want too many posed pictures, although the ones we did get of the family and bridal party together are amazing. She has an amazing eye for lighting and backgrounds. Everyone who’s seen our pictures say they belong in a magazine… we are thrilled with the results. Lyndsay is also just a nice person. She’s calming to be around which is important on your wedding day. We couldn’t recommend her enough!” Alyson + Eric

“Lyndsay was referred to us by a friend and is 100% deserving of a 5/5 rating. We could not have asked for a better experience all around. I will continue to refer whenever I can. She was very professional and timely in all her responses and in her work. She helped us pick the photography package that was best for us, and made sure we got what we wanted at an affordable price. She’s a very kind and welcoming personality which I think is important in a photographer, it helps bring out your best. Not to mention the pictures were amazing! We wanted a good balance of posed shots and candids of us with our guests. She far exceeded expectations in that regard. The shots of our reception were incredible. We got exactly what we wanted. She was also very good with our guests, helping to make moments where appropriate.

rave_emilyIf you are the type of couple that needs to constantly be told how to pose and where to look or what to do, Lyndsay may not be your favorite. But if you’re looking for someone to help you get comfortable and to get the very best pictures of not only your ceremony, but your reception too, then Lyndsay is for you. I think her work speaks for itself, but let me also say you cannot go wrong with Lyndsay. Wonderful work.” Matt + Shauna

“Lyndsay gave us the best, BEST wedding pictures we could ever have dreamed of. I spent a lot of time researching photographers but was drawn to Lyndsay’s work from the beginning. I compared to some very pricey options and still loved her work more. I really just hoped that my pictures would come out even somewhat close to her work at other weddings, because I knew if that was the case, they would be amazing! Lyndsay totally delivered, and I am over the moon with how well things turned out. All our family and close friends were so pleased with the pictures too, and we all felt she did an amazing job of capturing the emotions and feel of our special day.

Lyndsay is an amazing, artistic photographer and will give you candid, un-posed photographs that capture the special moments of your wedding day. Some of our wedding party was a little concerned initially that our group shots were a little unstructured, but trust her and work with her style as the pictures turned out amazing nonetheless.” Valerie + Danny

“Lyndsay is an amazing photographer!! Every image was amazing and she took soo many! My only regret is that we didn’t pay for more time with her. You will not be sorry! She is worth every penny!” Katie R.

“We just wanted to thank you for helping to make our wedding day so perfect. Colin and I had a simply amazing time and can’t wait to see your work! It was a total pleasure to work with you and we hope we can find an excuse to do so again one day! Again, thanks so much! We’ll be in touch soon again. Have a great week.” Emily and Colin

“Thank you so much! We love the photos! So exciting! I hope all is well with you.” Emily
“Thank you so much! The pictures are beautiful! I knew you’d do a great job. My parents said “Im sure your photographer will get some great pictures, she was everywhere!” Thank you for being so flexible the day of and so easy to work with. We really rave_carlyappreciate you coming out for the wedding. I’ll recommend you to all my friends most definitely.” Elizabeth

“I can’t tell you how excited we are to get these! They are all absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you thank you thank you. You were a pleasure to be around that day. So thoughtful, and considerate and wonderful. I’ll pass these along to my family. headed home from Greece in a few days :(“ E.

“We just saw “part one” of our wedding pictures and we are thrilled. The photos are beautiful! You capture the joy and spirit or our day, thank you. I can’t wait to see more!” Diva