Serrano Country Club Wedding | Heather + Ronny: Part One

Heather and Ronny’s incredibly happy day is here! Part 2 is coming soon!

  • Heather Votel said:

    Love these!!!! Thanks Lyndsay!!

  • Erica Day said:

    these are fabulous!!!

  • Carol Lynn Grellas said:

    spectacular !

  • Corinne Bailey said:


  • Jennifer Leong said:


  • Meredith Culler said:

    Gorgeous! Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Votel!

  • Jennifer Morgan said:

    Beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest!!

  • Margarett Hull said:

    So beautiful! Congratulations Heather & Ronny!

  • Margot Brown said:

    I am so glad I checked in to see these 'early wedding returns.' The joy on everyone faces made my day. You all look amazing and i found myself 'feeling' the day, not just looking at it from afar. Thank you for sharing these Carol Lynn! xo

  • Yevgeniya Goykhman said:


  • Rachel Boemmel Votel said:

    Perfect day and the pictures prove it!

  • Tasha Shangvi said:

    Girlface / Roommate!! Your wedding photos are so beautiful! Congratulations - you both look so happy! :)

  • Sherry Haas said:

    I am in tears! Thank you for sharing! xo