Year in Review | 2013

Why hello 2014, where did you come from!? I don’t know what happened, but 2013 flew by! It was an incredible year filled with the most amazing couples, families and sweet little babies. I am so blessed to do what I do and share it with such lovely people. Thank you for a wonderful year! Here is a look back at 2013…

  • Lorrie Champion Davidson said:

    Love all these pictures. You are sooo talented!

  • Jodi Linder Field said:

    My babies made the cut!!!

  • Tiffany Wyatt said:

    These events are all so beautiful and unique. You are incredibly gifted to be able to capture each of these memories. Amazing work! Gorgeous colors!

  • Gail McMackin said:

    WOW - what a year!!! So beautiful!!! So many unique captures of incredible moments!! Memories made to last forever because of You!! You are Amazing at what u do!!!